As the leading agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina for marketing, media, and social research, PRIZMA agency provides comprehensive services covering all research phases, from design to result presentation.

Our expert team offers various types of research, including applied and theoretical social research, marketing and advertising research, media research, and policy studies and analyses. Through different data collection methods such as quantitative research (surveys) and qualitative research (focus groups, interviews), we ensure that the collected information is reliable and relevant to your needs.

In addition, the PRIZMA agency offers highly sophisticated statistical data analysis, modeling, policy analysis, and desk analysis, providing you with a deeper insight into your business and the market. Regardless of your needs, we have rich experience in research, such as product testing, mystery shopping, advertising research, customer satisfaction, marketing segmentation, and much more.

At PRIZMA agency, we work with leading research methodologies and tools, providing you with reliable results and solutions that will help you make informed business decisions. Our team of experts is here to support you through all research phases, from planning to result interpretation.

When you face challenges in your business, the PRIZMA agency is here to help you see your problems through the lens of data obtained from scientific research. Our institutional memory of research conducted over the past 27 years allows us to provide you with valuable insights into the local and regional social, economic, and political situation.

Take a step forward and harness the power of research with the PRIZMA agency. Let our expertise guide your business to success!