I think! is an online platform that allows all participants to access the social, marketing, media and public opinion research in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. Participation in such research projects enables all participants, citizens and consumers to express their opinion on various social topics, products and services.

For participating in each research, participants are rewarded with a special prize in the form of e-vouchers that are paied immediately after completing the research.


According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company Prism Research & Consulting d.o.o., as the owner of the data collected within the online platform ja_Mislim! protects all personal data of participants from any unauthorized access, traffic, use, except for the stated research purposes. We pay special attention to protecting the anonymity of research participants. In no way can the answers given by the participants in the research be combined with the data on the identity of the participants.

The data collected in the research will be used exclusively for the purposes of group statistical analyses. The results of these analyzes are available to our clients in the form of graphs, tables and other methods of statistical presentation of data.

As for the personal data of the participants, they are used only in the creation of your account, i.e. profile, so that we can safely pay you all the rewards for participating in our research.

To participate in the online platform ja_Mislim!, registration is required.

Awards for participation in the panel

Participation in each survey will be rewarded with an e-voucher or coupon in convertible marks.

Participants receive e-vouchers or coupons in the form of a codes on their mobile phones or via e-mail. Participants can use these e-vouchers or coupons in stores such as DM, Bingo, etc. throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some e-vouchers or coupons can be paid in the form of top-ups for any prepaid account, on any mobile phone, at all major telecom operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Payment via e-voucher is usually made within 24-48 hours after the end of participation in the research.

Receiving e-vouchers, coupons does not entail any costs on the part of the participant. E-vouchers are sent to the participant’s mobile phone via SMS/Viber message, or via e-mail.

In case of any questions or doubts, please contact us at info@prismresearch.ba.

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